Magma Marine Barbeque Round

Ideal for camping and boating - Grilling Area diameter - 38cm.  Made of polished stainless steel, fitted with stainless steel radiant plate. All parts are hinged to keep them from falling into the sea. The lid can be rotated to act as a windscreen.  Fed by Camping Gaz canisters but can be fitted to a normal gas cylinder using an adapter. Mount, Serving Shelf, and fuel canister not included but can be bought separately.  


Balanced Hinged Lid – The perfectly balanced hinged lid will not slam shut and will act as a windshield in gusty wind conditions.

Windproof Swiveling Tubo Venturi Tube – Virtually eliminates blowouts and places fuel and valve where it is convenient for you.

Radiant Plate Heat Distribution Design – Reduces flare-ups and helps extend the life of the grill.

Combination Grease Catch Pan/Wind Baffle – Keeps the wind gusts out while keeping the flames and grease in.

Magma’s Patented Kettle Design – Magma’s patented design fully utilizes both radiant and convection cooking. Quickly comes to temperature then heats the entire grill surface evenly while using the least amount of fuel.